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Walking on Broken Glass

Barack Obama thoughts


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Barack Obama thoughts

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Peaceful Me

... and the affect that he will (hopefully) have on the black community.

So first - before anyone says anything.. I am a black female. These are my perceptions, my experiences, my observations - I am NOT just speaking from my ass here.

So.. story time.
A few years ago, I was riding the bus in Seattle, WA. I observed an older black man (maybe 50s??) yelling and basically causing a disturbance on the bus. He was whooping and hollering about how white people suck. How white people keep the black person down. How we can never have anything because the white people are still racist assholes and nothing has changed.

I sat there in silence because I was ashamed.
I was ashamed that, there were white people on the bus who were staring at this man and sadly because of the colour of my skin in some way or another.. that ignorant man and myself were connected.
I am ashamed because.. this is not the first time I've heard such nonscense from the black community - and sometimes its from people much, much younger than that man.

But I digress.. I see this election as finally shutting those people up. Now there is a person of colour in office. A respected, educated person of colour who will be recognised as the leader of the USA.

That is fabulous!. Maybe.. instead of young black kids looking to people who are in jail, looking to people who are drug dealers as role models and thinking "thats all I can ever be.." can look instead at the President of the United States and say "hey.. I can do that if he can".

Maybe the part of the black community who continually blames the white man for the downfall of their own lives can look and see that their failure is no one else's except their own.

And maybe they'll seek to change it. Maybe it will give them hope that they can change their life. 

This is not to say however, that racism does not exist. This is not to say that a percentage of people who are voicing about how such and such white person did something isn't true. It IS true. It DOES still happen.
And electing Barack as the new president does not eliminate racism.
I'm not that deluded.
But it's a step in the right direction for people who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and decide to blame everyone else (especially using racism) for the direction their lives have taken.

So, rethink your vote. Scrutinise yourself and ask yourself WHY you voted him for president. Did you do it based on his principles as a man? As a politician? Did you listen to his plans for this country?

Or did you elect him because he was black.
If you look at yourself honestly and see that you voted for Barack because he was black.. then you are still contributing to the racism in this country.

And I am ashamed.
So should you.

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