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over the weekend. and for free :D one of my friend's aunts had them but was horribly allergic. so she was looking to give them away and voila!

they are utterly adorable.
spike is brown and white and very cute and very much like snowy was (personality). hehehe
ickarus (spelling?!?!) is a spazz and the poor thing is scared out of his wits.
I think he might need lots of love and patience. But he's very cute too. He is brown like.. all shades and its the funky hair. Like damn near mohawk style. Its awesome.
we might rename him. He needs a more funky name to go with his hair.

I watched them for a huge part of Sunday night, lol. Mallory things I'm easily amused but honestly I think they are the most adorable things ever. They squeak and run around, and you can play with them and they're CUTE!!

hehehehe. I can't wait to buy a house so they have grass to run around in. haha

they're still getting settled in. they hide a lot, but thats to be expected. new smells, place, sounds and all that jazz.

The weekend was cool. We mostly hung out and I took her shopping and stuffs in celebration of her new jobness.
I've become such a homebody.. its amusing and sad at the same time. i still like to go out.. its just well.. getting to the going part. lol
once im there its all good though.

i got my hair done this weekend too. its out of braids. weird.
i don't know what i think of it. everyone else loves it though so we shall see i s'pose.

shellybean... out!! (if you watch robotchicken you may get that....)

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